9: Its not my fault, he started it!

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Narrator: “Using the propulsion of her makta beam, njorunn positioned herself for her ultimate technique: The Super Ultra Cosmic Demon Belly flop from SpaceTM of doom. As the demon descended, she proceeded to stack multiple empty and needlessly complex buffs on herself in order to increase her spellmass. This was in an effort to make her fall more… impactful.”

“Meanwhile, back on Frekigardr! The other instance of Njorunn within this realm was in an intense standoff over the totally 100% super important subject of who gets to order from Pleaseburger first!”

Njorunn: “Oh? You’re approaching the line? Instead of letting me order first, you’re coming right up to the line?”

Gutrake: “I can’t eat the hek out of this food without ordering first.”

Isobel: …

Isobel: “What… are those two doing?”

Ravacs: “Don’t worry, they’re just posturing to see who eats first. Their bark is going to be worse than their bite. This is common behavior among wild gnolls.”

Isobel: “How long does th-“

Thoki: “I’ll have 30 borgor please.”

Thoki just walks right up to the counter and orders, ignoring the silly pose-off going on. Njorunn and Gutrake timidly follow up with their orders.

Isobel: “Nevermind, it has been decided… apparently.”

Ravacs: “Indeed… wait a second… did you get changed or something?”

Isobel: “No, I’ve always been dressed like this. And I’m totally not a separate iteration of myself from a highly paralleled planar cluster that swapped out with the other self instance at random. Even if I were another instance, I’m one hundred percent the real one and not the other one.”

Ravacs: “Wait, hold on a second. Can you repeat that? Hat, take notes for later please.”

Isobel: “No.”

Ravacs: “Ah.. hm. Well, alright then? Anyway, lets go get our food and bring it to my professor.”

The party finished ordering and received their meals from the nice Bernese gnoll. Between all of them, they received 75 pleaseburgers, 5 shakes of varying flavors, 2 meat on sticks, and a medium order of puffshroom fries. Due to it being Thokis’ first order over 25 burgers, he was gifted a complementary dining axe and a reusable pleaseburger fanny pack.

They proceed to enter the main office of Ravacs PI only to find him and a colleague discussing some interesting findings detected near a gas giant within the solar system.

Njorunn: “I swear I didn’t break the planar defense system! I just bruised him a bit cause he was being annoying!”

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3 thoughts on “9: Its not my fault, he started it!”

  1. Wait, how does one use a dining axe? Is it more like silverware used to dine, or is it used to hunt what you dine on?
    Questions for later.

    You thought it was Gutrake you need worry about, but it was me! Thoki!

    A-are those eyes in the moons?!


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