Foreword from the Author

This adventure is a continuation of a forum adventure that first started on the MSPA forums: originally titled “The Beginnings of a Transdimensional Lightning Viking Wolf Demoness.”  Unfortunately, the MSPA forums have since died.  This has forced me to find a new location for the adventure.  For the past year or so, it has been to Tumblr.

The first update will be a bit thick to to catch everyone up a little.  However,  I’d  highly suggest you view the previous parts of the adventure before starting here.  If you can forgive the terrible older art, that is.

Thank you very much for your attention and let’s now embark on a both creepy and cute quest together.

Chronicle or whatever

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Tronn via Omegaupdate

Everyone: brace for impact. It’s gonna come any minute now. Aaany minute…?





“Jeez, how long till-”


Arseface | Guest via Omegaupdates (wait…)






“Itsa me, Njorunn!”

“Or at least my shade.  I’m trying to make it look like me but I keep accidentally dumping most of my ichor into it and passing out in the process.  It’s hard to get that much ichor this small but I really should start trying to develop my demonic brand.”

“So like, yea.  Why did I rush here again?  I don’t think I asked what the emergency was before hurrying here.”


“Oh.  Hey there.  No big emergency, we got it basically handled I guess.  Right, Mr. Human man?”


“I.. uh… have no clue what’s going on anymore.  I just want to go home and pick up a new hobby.  Like alcoholism.”


“Oh right!  Human, what exactly is your name?  I kind of stabbed you as you went to introduce yourself and I can’t keep calling you human.  I’m Ein.”


“Oh, right.  My name is Ivan Petradoslav.  Don’t pay me any mind though, we can get back to figuring out what to do to fix this after you’re done talking to the purple thing that fell out of the sky.”

Pulsar via Omegaupdates

Ein check if you got super amazing demon powers by trying to laser someone in the face


“Well Njorunn, Ivan and I have pretty much worked things out through a series of stabbings and decapitations.  But since you’re here, what neat powers did I get?  Please tell me it’s laser vision or something.”


“How the heck should I know?  I’m bringing my thane Gwen and some temp to hire minions down here.  They should make their entrance any second now, and Gwen should be able to explain what the specific benefits and powers are.  But if I were to guess, I think you’ll probably get some kind of lightningy-like powers since that’s my thing.”

Random Encounter | Guest via Omegaupdates

give quick summary of story so far with pictures of who people are.

Main and/or Best villain: show yourself and look unbearably smarmy.


“Wait, wait.  What the heck is going on?  Why did a giant two headed dog thing come from the sky and turn into a purple horned gnoll girl?  Why are you just casually speaking with her Ein?  Where did it come from?  Am I the only one confused by what’s going on?”



“Oh! Well then, since you want the my life history..”


“No, wait!  That’s not what-”


“I was born from a lightning strike.  Pretty sure there was a fire for some reason.  A horse bit the head off a duck.  I bit the head off the horse.  Then a large bird put me in a sack and gave me a badger for a thane.  I sent the badger to find some mortal realms with some potential minions.”



“I bought a skeleton for the skeleton war  from a nice older gentleman.  Then I got alerted by the previously mentioned badger that my newest potential minions were in trouble.”

“I think that sums it up the past few weeks.”



“I have no idea where you picked such a… unique character, Ein.” he says quietly.  “Hold on wait, few weeks?  How old are you?”


“Like 3 weeks old.”

“Anyhow, my minions should be here in a sec.  It’s been too long since they’ve made an appearance.  I hope Gwen told them to strike awesome poses when they arrive like I asked.”



The Descent

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GreatKaiserNui via OmegaUpdates

Armor Guy: Try to negotiate out of being killed.

Bormac via Njorunn-Saga.com

Human captain! Suggest she check on the health of her housecarl then sneak away while she’s distracted!
Perhaps throw your little horn thing like a stick!
Try to figure out how you put on and remove that helmet, it looks incredibly tight!

The human captain stares at the spear wielding dog and considers his options.  He can’t  throw the horn, since it’s part of the tabard.  It’s a symbol of the hunt, given to the younger knights before they’ve proven themselves in combat.

He decides to do as the other voice in his head said and negotiate for his survival.  The human also thinks that he might have been mistaken in which demi-human settlement he was supposed to clear out anyway.  He shouldn’t let any injustice stand even if it was accidental or was perpetrated by himself.

The armored lad removes his hand from the spear in an effort to show that he wont resist before speaking up.






He probably shouldn’t be acting silly at this moment in time.



“We will withdraw.  To be honest, I believe that I have been misled or that I have attacked the wrong demi-human settlement.  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I should’ve listen to my uncle and not come on this hunt.”

“We were told to hunt specific demi-humans as part of our coming of age ritual; barbaric gnolls that were nothing more than monsters.  A few other captains and I were given this specific location from our commander.  However, what did we find when we arrived?”

“We find a city with inhabitants that use language, farming, and tools.  We find a leader that is angered when her people are in peril.  This is drastically different from I was expecting.  I really should have realized that something must be wrong, but instead I proceeded with the hunt without thinking, and I am deeply sorry.”


“And as such, I feel like I have done you and your people a great wrong and would like it if we could sit down together to find a way for me to personally make up for what has happened.  It’s obvious you’re not mindless beasts, and I’m no archetypal villain who is unable to see the wrong that I’ve done.”


Tronn via Njorunn-Saga.com

Lick Toki anyway just in case. It’s uh morale raising or something.

[Einhendra to herself]

“Maybe later, when I don’t have more pressing matters to worry about.  I have no clue why I’m thinking something like that now.”


Einhendra takes the spear out of the humans side, placing it in the ground next to her as she thinks for a moment.



“You speak a lot, human.  Even more than Thoki when after a sip of mead.  However, if you’re sincere I think we can come to some kind of agreement.”


“That would be wonderful.  I am really sorry about this.  I never knew wild gnolls could even talk let alone be so civil.  Do you have a grand hall or some location that we can discuss this further?  I’ll call the other captains in for the talk.”


“Well, I’m not the Jarl as of yet and the ‘great hall’ was destroyed when I was young.  But I swear on my wonderful bicep that I will honor any deal we make after my old man passes and I officially become Jarl.”



“Uh, guys.  I don’t mean to interrupt this mae culpa, but why is it getting so cloudy suddenly?  And what the heck is that thing in the sky?”

He whispers to Ein “Hey, do I really yap that much when I drink?”


“Yes, but it’s totally cute.” she answers a bit too loudly for Thoki’s taste before she takes a few steps forward to wave her hand in the air.

“Oh, hey, I’m down here!  What powers did you say I got?  Did I forget to ask that earlier?” she shouts.  “Do you think she can hear me?” she asks Thoki, as she points at the thing in the sky.


“S-stop!  What the heck, don’t draw that things attention; it’s terrifying!  What’s wrong with you?” he says, hiding further behind Ein.


“You guys keep ignoring me at the drop o- oh.”

“No, I see it now.  This is a good reason to be ignoring me.  I really should have stayed home.  I’m taking my uncles advice more seriously in the future if I survive the night.”


Reinforcements Approach


Einhendra and her housecarl Thoki stood shoulder to shoulder before a group of human soldiers.  They had both just survived the volley of arrows, though they didn’t get out unscathed.  They fared much better than some.  After the volley, the army approached clad in ‘radiant silver’ equipment.  The material had a pale gold color and gave off a faint glow.

The captain approached a Kaldrhundr (frost gnoll) which was injured in the volley and finished him off.  Ein didn’t know the poor little guy personally, but he was one of her kind and was thus not very happy at current events.  The human captain then casually walked up to Einhendra, unarmed, and demanded that she surrender.   In part due of Ein’s short temper, but mostly because of the current circumstances, the ‘negotiations’ went a different direction than the captain had anticipated.  He now found himself on the ground with Ein’s spear in his side.

Einhendra looked up at the superior numbers and proceeded to calmly counter offer to accept their surrender and withdrawal.







After a few moments of awkward silence, Einhendra presses the spear in and twists it just slightly.



Ein didn’t respond to the silly question.  At the same time she realized that the opposing side hadn’t reacted to the threat against their captain.  In fact, they seemed to assume a battle formation rather than pulling back.  Ein would probably have to fight her way out of this predicament and decided to assess the situation.  She started by assembling an internal checklist of the necessary steps to victory with minimal casualties.

Ultra Super Awesome Battle Plan of VICTORY

  1. Find out how Thoki is doing
    1. Simply ask him how he’s doing
    2. Shake him violently and frantically ask if he’s okay
    3. Lick to see if he has gone sour
    4. Check expiration date
  2. Keep Thoki not dead
    1. Tell him not to die
    2. Hide him behind the curtains
    3. Bury him in dirt.  Humans can’t dig, right?
  3. Discover awesome super powers granted by demon.
    1. Hopefully laser eyes
    2. Mind control
    3. Self control
    4. Fur that didn’t clog the drain after a shower would be okay too
  4. Probably beat a bunch of people up
    1. With spear
    2. With bare hand
    3. With nub of a left arm
    4. With a pickle
    5. With new superpowers
    6. With demon doggy treat???

A truly comprehensive plot to victory.

Step one











At the realms edge


[Curmudgeonly figure that really wants out of her contract]

“What is with this dog kid?  Why is she passed out?  I didn’t sign up for any of this.”

[Aloof figure that just wants to get done with this so she can go drink]

“This is your new boss, Njorunn.  She passes out when she makes a shade.  It doesn’t take her too long to acclimate.  She’ll be fine in like an hour.  So probably by next update.”

“Also, you really don’t need to keep reminding me that you want to re-negotiate the contract.  This isn’t going to be your ‘thing’ now,  isn’t it?  I’ll show you the contract when we’re done here.”

[Figure that is still somehow hungry]

“Do you think if I cooked some meat that she’d smell it and come to?  Also, how do we get there?  It looks like a long jump.”