1: Reinforcements Approach


Einhendra and her housecarl Thoki stood shoulder to shoulder before a group of human soldiers.  They had both just survived the volley of arrows, though they didn’t get out unscathed.  They fared much better than some.  After the volley, the army approached clad in ‘radiant silver’ equipment.  The material had a pale gold color and gave off a faint glow.

The captain approached a Kaldrhundr (frost gnoll) which was injured in the volley and finished him off.  Ein didn’t know the poor little guy personally, but he was one of her kind and was thus not very happy at current events.  The human captain then casually walked up to Einhendra, unarmed, and demanded that she surrender.   In part due of Ein’s short temper, but mostly because of the current circumstances, the ‘negotiations’ went a different direction than the captain had anticipated.  He now found himself on the ground with Ein’s spear in his side.

Einhendra looked up at the superior numbers and proceeded to calmly counter offer to accept their surrender and withdrawal.







After a few moments of awkward silence, Einhendra presses the spear in and twists it just slightly.



Ein didn’t respond to the silly question.  At the same time she realized that the opposing side hadn’t reacted to the threat against their captain.  In fact, they seemed to assume a battle formation rather than pulling back.  Ein would probably have to fight her way out of this predicament and decided to assess the situation.  She started by assembling an internal checklist of the necessary steps to victory with minimal casualties.

Ultra Super Awesome Battle Plan of VICTORY

  1. Find out how Thoki is doing
    1. Simply ask him how he’s doing
    2. Shake him violently and frantically ask if he’s okay
    3. Lick to see if he has gone sour
    4. Check expiration date
  2. Keep Thoki not dead
    1. Tell him not to die
    2. Hide him behind the curtains
    3. Bury him in dirt.  Humans can’t dig, right?
  3. Discover awesome super powers granted by demon.
    1. Hopefully laser eyes
    2. Mind control
    3. Self control
    4. Fur that didn’t clog the drain after a shower would be okay too
  4. Probably beat a bunch of people up
    1. With spear
    2. With bare hand
    3. With nub of a left arm
    4. With a pickle
    5. With new superpowers
    6. With demon doggy treat???

A truly comprehensive plot to victory.

Step one











At the realms edge


[Curmudgeonly figure that really wants out of her contract]

“What is with this dog kid?  Why is she passed out?  I didn’t sign up for any of this.”

[Aloof figure that just wants to get done with this so she can go drink]

“This is your new boss, Njorunn.  She passes out when she makes a shade.  It doesn’t take her too long to acclimate.  She’ll be fine in like an hour.  So probably by next update.”

“Also, you really don’t need to keep reminding me that you want to re-negotiate the contract.  This isn’t going to be your ‘thing’ now,  isn’t it?  I’ll show you the contract when we’re done here.”

[Figure that is still somehow hungry]

“Do you think if I cooked some meat that she’d smell it and come to?  Also, how do we get there?  It looks like a long jump.”


7 thoughts on “1: Reinforcements Approach”

  1. Human captain! Suggest she check on the health of her housecarl then sneak away while she’s distracted!
    Perhaps throw your little horn thing like a stick!
    Try to figure out how you put on and remove that helmet, it looks incredibly tight!


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