7: PleaseBurger™

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“It rose from the nuclear ashes of Gnollyork city.”

“Wait, sorry, I forgot when I was. I could’ve sworn more time had passed.  Ahh, here we are.  The party had just arrived at some strange lab and was offered food for having found that strange small golem.”


“Just hand the golem over, and I can take you to go get some food at PleaseBurger™ at my expense.  I’ll tell you all about my thesis work on the way. ” the House-gnoll says, making a grabby-hand.

“Also, you can call me Ravacs.”


Most of the party exited the elevator immediately as they listened to the house-gnolls request with Ivan lagging behind to help Thoki who was feeling a bit motion sick from the elevator ride.


“He’s talking about food, right?!” he said, picking Njorunn up in his excitement.

“Quickly sweet little Jarla, let us go with him to the food ask him where the food is please let us go eat I am very very very very very…..STARVING.  I feel like I haven’t eaten in like a year!  Quickly, golden-man, give him the thing so we may eat!”



“Uhh, I guess?  What’s going on now?  Food what?” she says a bit nervously, as she wiggles her dangling tootsies.


“I could go for some fire seared beast of some kind.” the human says with a confident nod.


Ivan handed the golem hand over and Ravacs placed it on his lab bench.  The human instinctively pets the house-gnoll and calls him a good boy before saying he’ll meet them in a bit after he gets out of his armor.  He might borrow clothing from his uncle, who is about his size anyway.



“I think I know him???” he said a bit confused by the head-petting. 


The party proceeded to the courtyard as they followed Ravacs.  The house-gnoll explained his thesis work, much of which went over the parties head.  Gutrake was the only one that pretended to understand as well as the only one to be listening.  He figured it was the least he could do considering this friendly house-gnoll was going to feed him.  



“S-so… uh… you build punchy rock people?” he says, scratching his head.


“I suppose you could put it that way.  A better way to abridge my project is that I build modular golems which are designed specifically to break protective wards.  The interchangeable parts allow me to handle different kinds of wards so I can prep for multiple scenarios and react on the fly.  Als-”

“-oh!  I’ll finish up telling you about it later since we’ve arrived at the walk-through window.  Here’s the menu for walk-through customers but you can get other things if we decide to sit down inside.”


pleaseburger menu

The party now stands before a menu projected into the air before them, with images, names, and prices of the food which can be ordered at the walk-through at PleaseBurger™.  

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6 thoughts on “7: PleaseBurger™”

  1. Mmrh, I’ll have let’s see… four Pleaseburgers, a large fry, and a huge tankard of fizzy soda, sounds good.


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