2: The Descent

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GreatKaiserNui via OmegaUpdates

Armor Guy: Try to negotiate out of being killed.

Bormac via Njorunn-Saga.com

Human captain! Suggest she check on the health of her housecarl then sneak away while she’s distracted!
Perhaps throw your little horn thing like a stick!
Try to figure out how you put on and remove that helmet, it looks incredibly tight!

The human captain stares at the spear wielding dog and considers his options.  He can’t  throw the horn, since it’s part of the tabard.  It’s a symbol of the hunt, given to the younger knights before they’ve proven themselves in combat.

He decides to do as the other voice in his head said and negotiate for his survival.  The human also thinks that he might have been mistaken in which demi-human settlement he was supposed to clear out anyway.  He shouldn’t let any injustice stand even if it was accidental or was perpetrated by himself.

The armored lad removes his hand from the spear in an effort to show that he wont resist before speaking up.






He probably shouldn’t be acting silly at this moment in time.



“We will withdraw.  To be honest, I believe that I have been misled or that I have attacked the wrong demi-human settlement.  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I should’ve listen to my uncle and not come on this hunt.”

“We were told to hunt specific demi-humans as part of our coming of age ritual; barbaric gnolls that were nothing more than monsters.  A few other captains and I were given this specific location from our commander.  However, what did we find when we arrived?”

“We find a city with inhabitants that use language, farming, and tools.  We find a leader that is angered when her people are in peril.  This is drastically different from I was expecting.  I really should have realized that something must be wrong, but instead I proceeded with the hunt without thinking, and I am deeply sorry.”


“And as such, I feel like I have done you and your people a great wrong and would like it if we could sit down together to find a way for me to personally make up for what has happened.  It’s obvious you’re not mindless beasts, and I’m no archetypal villain who is unable to see the wrong that I’ve done.”


Tronn via Njorunn-Saga.com

Lick Toki anyway just in case. It’s uh morale raising or something.

[Einhendra to herself]

“Maybe later, when I don’t have more pressing matters to worry about.  I have no clue why I’m thinking something like that now.”


Einhendra takes the spear out of the humans side, placing it in the ground next to her as she thinks for a moment.



“You speak a lot, human.  Even more than Thoki when after a sip of mead.  However, if you’re sincere I think we can come to some kind of agreement.”


“That would be wonderful.  I am really sorry about this.  I never knew wild gnolls could even talk let alone be so civil.  Do you have a grand hall or some location that we can discuss this further?  I’ll call the other captains in for the talk.”


“Well, I’m not the Jarl as of yet and the ‘great hall’ was destroyed when I was young.  But I swear on my wonderful bicep that I will honor any deal we make after my old man passes and I officially become Jarl.”



“Uh, guys.  I don’t mean to interrupt this mae culpa, but why is it getting so cloudy suddenly?  And what the heck is that thing in the sky?”

He whispers to Ein “Hey, do I really yap that much when I drink?”


“Yes, but it’s totally cute.” she answers a bit too loudly for Thoki’s taste before she takes a few steps forward to wave her hand in the air.

“Oh, hey, I’m down here!  What powers did you say I got?  Did I forget to ask that earlier?” she shouts.  “Do you think she can hear me?” she asks Thoki, as she points at the thing in the sky.


“S-stop!  What the heck, don’t draw that things attention; it’s terrifying!  What’s wrong with you?” he says, hiding further behind Ein.


“You guys keep ignoring me at the drop o- oh.”

“No, I see it now.  This is a good reason to be ignoring me.  I really should have stayed home.  I’m taking my uncles advice more seriously in the future if I survive the night.”


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3 thoughts on “2: The Descent”

  1. Holy crap, Njor, that demon-shade thingy is legit creepy. Great work on it.

    Captain: Proceed to freak out at the freaky demon thing.

    Ein: Acquire awesome demon powers and proceed to freak out at the awesome demon thing’s arrival.

    Thoki: Freak out at the arrival of the concerning demon thing that your good friend has apparently made some sort of Faustian deal with.

    Njorunn: Continue enjoying nappy-time. Maybe freak out in awesome dream land.

    Freakazoid: Cameo? ; )


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