4: Superfluous Backup Finally Arrives

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tronn via njorunn-saga

One cannot overestimate the importance of making a good first impression, and means making a dynamic entry. Make the best super robot fighting force pose you can think of!

okay lets get them down here


“Oh here they come now!  Lets make it flashy!”

Tigerioreo via Omegaupdates

Minions: Pose as a team.

Nalad9 via Omegaupdates

> Strike a pose! Duh-doi!

teleport start4 .gif


“No, nope.  Stop, you’re all being ridiculous.  Put your arms down.”





player start


“Well I thought it was cool, Isobel..”


“That’s enough you two.  This is your new boss.  Njorunn, temp-to-hire minions Isobel and Gutrake.  Isobel and Gutrake, Njorunn.  Isobel, you can speak to her if you have issues with your contract or if-wait..”

“Wait.  Njorunn.  What did I do this time to make turn me back into a badger?”


“It was because you weren’t dressed imposingly enough to represent a young doom lord.. es (???)… like myself.  You’ll pop back to normal once you get back home.”


“Okay.  I’ll go drag your unconscious body back home and put on something more… doomy I suppose.” she says as she turns around muttering to herself and wanders off into the distance.

contract guys whats up


“So Isobel, you wanted to see the contract?  You didn’t sign it yourself, but your patron deity signed you over to me for the term of the contract.”


“I… I see.  Well sh-”


“We can contact your gods later when we don’t have other matters to attend to.  You can keep this copy of the contract if you’d like as well.  I have hundreds of copies for some weird reason.”


“… -it.  You hold onto it.  I don’t have pockets.  I’ll have to have a word with them later.”

contract OH RIGHT


“Uh, so about my powers and stuff.  Also do I get a role or title like those guys too?  Also do I get to strike neat poses too next time?”


“OH!  Oh right, uh.  Shoot, should’ve asked about the powers when Gwen was here.  I think you can channel lightning and frost related things or something.  And the more you use it, the stronger we both get.  The pose is part of the job… and..”

“As for title…”

the stabby onet

“How does this work?”


“That works.  I do like stabbing things.”


“Okay, so does anyone else recall that there was a small army of humans along with the injured and dead from the conflict that literally happened just before you got here?  No?”

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