3: Chronicle or whatever

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Tronn via Omegaupdate

Everyone: brace for impact. It’s gonna come any minute now. Aaany minute…?





“Jeez, how long till-”


Arseface | Guest via Omegaupdates (wait…)






“Itsa me, Njorunn!”

“Or at least my shade.  I’m trying to make it look like me but I keep accidentally dumping most of my ichor into it and passing out in the process.  It’s hard to get that much ichor this small but I really should start trying to develop my demonic brand.”

“So like, yea.  Why did I rush here again?  I don’t think I asked what the emergency was before hurrying here.”


“Oh.  Hey there.  No big emergency, we got it basically handled I guess.  Right, Mr. Human man?”


“I.. uh… have no clue what’s going on anymore.  I just want to go home and pick up a new hobby.  Like alcoholism.”


“Oh right!  Human, what exactly is your name?  I kind of stabbed you as you went to introduce yourself and I can’t keep calling you human.  I’m Ein.”


“Oh, right indeed.  My name is Ivan Petradoslav.  Don’t pay me any mind though, we can get back to figuring out what to do to fix this after you’re done talking to the purple thing that fell out of the sky.”

Pulsar via Omegaupdates

Ein check if you got super amazing demon powers by trying to laser someone in the face


“Well Njorunn, Ivan and I have pretty much worked things out through a series of stabbings and decapitations.  But since you’re here, what neat powers did I get?  Please tell me it’s laser vision or something.”


“How the heck should I know?  I’m bringing my thane Gwen and some temp to hire minions down here.  They should make their entrance any second now, and Gwen should be able to explain what the specific benefits and powers are.  But if I were to guess, I think you’ll probably get some kind of lightningy-like powers since that’s my thing.”

Random Encounter | Guest via Omegaupdates

give quick summary of story so far with pictures of who people are.

Main and/or Best villain: show yourself and look unbearably smarmy.


“Wait, wait.  What the heck is going on?  Why did a giant two headed dog thing come from the sky and turn into a purple horned gnoll girl?  Why are you just casually speaking with her Ein?  Where did it come from?  Am I the only one confused by what’s going on?”



“Oh! Well then, since you want my life history..”


“No, wait!  That’s not what-”


“I was born from a lightning strike.  Pretty sure there was a fire for some reason.  A horse bit the head off a duck.  I bit the head off the horse.  Then a large bird put me in a sack and gave me a badger for a thane.  I sent the badger to find some mortal realms with some potential minions.”



“I bought a skeleton for the skeleton war  from a nice older gentleman.  Then I got alerted by the previously mentioned badger that my newest potential minions were in trouble.”

“I think that sums it up the past few weeks.”



“I have no idea where you picked such a… unique character, Ein.” he says quietly.  “Hold on wait, few weeks?  How old are you?”


“Like 3 weeks old.”

“Anyhow, my minions should be here in a sec.  It’s been too long since they’ve made an appearance.  I hope Gwen told them to strike awesome poses when they arrive like I asked.”

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4 thoughts on “3: Chronicle or whatever”

  1. I agreed to no such poses! I demand a renegotiation of this… Contract.? Weren’t we just on a sky boat? Is this still kidnapping?


  2. One cannot overestimate the importance of making a good first impression, and means making a dynamic entry. Make the best super robot fighting force pose you can think of!


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